GSI Outdoors Aluminum Dutch Oven Review

GSI Outdoors Aluminum Dutch Oven Review
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We’re taking our love of Dutch oven cooking outdoors with the next product review of the GSI Aluminum pan. The GSI brand was started back in 1985 by three siblings from British Columbia, Canada. The company provides a range of technically innovative and fun outdoor cookware, tableware, and various eating and drinking products. Today we’re looking at their super practical and convenient Dutch oven that will have you and your family cooking just like well-seasoned pros wherever you go.

Combining a passion for the great outdoors with a love of food and sharing that in a social setting around a roaring campfire, this GSI pan is perfect for anyone who loves camping. It’s also great for those among you who still want to enjoy the authentic taste of fresh and flavorful food and don’t want to compromise on cooking conditions just because their kitchen for the day happens to be out in the open and at one with nature. GSI developed a high-performance, high-efficiency Dutch oven to deliver uncompromising quality but in a lightweight product better suited for portability.

GSI Outdoors Aluminum Dutch Oven

GSI Outdoors Aluminum Dutch Oven, 10-Inch, 2-Quart

As far as Dutch Ovens go, this is pretty state of the art and it looks every bit as good as it performs. Having been created explicitly for outdoors cooking, it’s lighter than you would expect, especially when you compare it to a regular Dutch oven. It also has a larger and longer handle, perfect for hanging the pan over a roaring campfire. You can just imagine the delicious aroma of a freshly prepared bean and steak chili bubbling away over the open fire. Although sold separately, you can also purchase a stand for your GSI Dutch oven.

This pot is designed to be stackable and is constructed from hard wearing and durable anodized heavy gauge cast aluminum that is a third of the weight of a traditional cast iron version. That’s important to note as it makes it an all-together more practical and convenient solution for carrying around camp and packing in and out of your car or truck for your next family camping adventure.

The hard anodized aluminum is what provides this unit with its energy-efficient performance, as well as even heat distribution, plus it’s a breeze to clean up. That’s just what you need when you are cooking in the great outdoors as the last thing you want is to have to take home dirty pots and pans that you’ve not been able to get properly clean.

The lid itself has been designed to hold coals and charcoal so that you can use the GSI Dutch oven in a genuinely multi-purpose and multi-functional way. There are two sizes, and if you do purchase both, the 10” nicely nestles and is contained within the 12” for minimizing the space and footprint that the Dutch ovens take up. The level of heat distribution and the durability and performance of this Dutch oven are just excellent, and it’s also rust-free so you should get years of enjoyment from your purchase.

What’s included?

You get the hard anodized aluminum, quality yet lightweight Dutch oven with matching tight-fitting lid to help seal in all the lovely moisture and flavor. Two sizes are currently available; the 10-inch which holds 2 quarts or the 12-inch which holds 5 quarts, plus they conveniently stack inside each other reducing the storage space they take up.

Who is this product for?

This product is absolutely perfect for anyone who loves getting outdoors on a camping adventure with friends and family but who doesn’t want to compromise on the flavor of the food they serve up in camp. Prepare perfectly seasoned soups, stews, and delicious chilis that will keep the whole tribe satisfied and full of energy, ready for the next hiking adventure. You can conveniently cook over a campfire or use with charcoal and coals.

Overview of the features:

  • Constructed from high performance, heavy gauge cast aluminum
  • Lip lid holds coals and charcoal for outdoor style BBQing results.
  • High performance and heat saving efficiency due to the hard anodized aluminum design
  • Weighs 66% less than traditional cast iron so is lightweight and perfect for travel
  • Your GSI outdoors Dutch oven will never require seasoning
  • Super easy and convenient to clean up and is totally rust-free

GSI Outdoors Aluminum Dutch Oven, 10-Inch, 2-Quart
  • Classic Dutch oven for versatile cooking over campfires, with charcoal or at home
  • Highly conductive aluminum construction for excellent heat distribution, durability and performance
  • Cast aluminum is rust-free, easy-to-clean and weighs 66% less than cast iron
  • Comes in two sizes: 10-inch (2-quart) and 12-inch (5-quart)
  • Includes Dutch oven and lid; backed by a full manufacturer's warranty


If you are specifically looking for something that you can use for your outdoor cooking needs, then take a look at what Lodge also has to offer. We love the look of their 12-inch seasoned cast iron pot that again has that convenient longer style handle for hanging over a fire, but this version also comes with little legs.

It’s the perfect portable, small camp stove allowing you to prepare all the family’s favorite recipes whether you are at home in the kitchen or enjoying a weekend escape to the countryside. It’s heavier and more robust than the GSI so potentially not quite as portable, but those integral legs are a great extra feature that allows this Lodge cooking pot to sit over the campfire nicely.


If you love cooking over an open fire but are looking for a Dutch oven that is practical and convenient to carry, easy to set up and clean up afterward, and that won’t rust either, then the GSI Outdoors Anodized Dutch oven is indeed a great recommendation. Coming in a variety of versatile sizes, all of which have been designed to nestle inside each other perfectly, it’s so much lighter than traditional cast iron cookware but delivers just the same outstanding cooking results.

Featuring a flanged lid that seals tight, the lid handle is also tall enough that the designated camp chef can easily remove it using a lid lift tool to check on the progress of that bubbling boeuf bourguignon safely. Now there really is no excuse for compromising on quality, healthy and nutritious camp food with this convenient and portable outdoors Dutch oven from GSI.


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