Cuisinart 6445-22 Contour 5-Quart Dutch Oven Review

Cuisinart 6445-22 Contour 5-Quart Dutch Oven Review
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The Cuisinart 6445-22 has a lot going for it, besides the obvious factor that we just can’t overlook: it’s price! With the same great features and functionality of many of the much more expensive models, this has a price tag that will bring tears of joy to your face rather than make your eyes water.

While it is true that a good quality Dutch oven should pretty much last a lifetime and therefore is a justifiable investment, if you are not yet convinced that you will get full use out of your Dutch oven purchase, or you really do have economic and budgetary constraints, then look no further than Cuisinart.

While we are talking about newbies to the category of Dutch oven cooking, firstly welcome! Secondly, what took you so long? You are about to most definitely find out what all the fuss is about and believe us, there will be no looking back. We are confident that whichever Dutch oven you do go on to purchase, you will undoubtedly wish that you had discovered the workhorse of the kitchen much sooner. As they say though, it’s never too late, so today we are going to be reviewing the exceptionally budget friendly Contour 6445-22 Dutch oven from Cuisinart.

Cuisinart 6445-22 Contour 5-Quart Dutch Oven

Cuisinart 6445-22 Contour Hard Anodized 5-Quart Dutch Oven with Cover

The 6445-22 is a 5-quart capacity for a start so ample space for feeding a regular sized family with a favorite stew, casserole or a freshly prepared soup. Just like the more expensive models, it features fabulous and even heat distribution, offers a genuinely versatile means of cooking all kinds of dishes for your family and friends, and works to lock in moisture and flavor for maximum taste and freshness.

Just to put it into perspective, with that 5-quart capacity there’s enough space to make 20 cups of soup. Besides all of that, it can also be used on the stovetop, in the oven, under the broiler, and of course, transported directly to your table for dishing up.

The Cuisinart features a convenient tempered glass, tight-fitting lid. This is useful as not only can you see how your recipe is coming along, but the glass lid features stainless steel rims that tightly fit the pot, preventing moisture from escaping and keeping all that delicious and succulent flavor and taste locked in.

This Dutch oven also has a superior non-stick surface which means that you don’t have to use as much oil in your cooking. Not only is it healthier to prepare your recipes but cleaning up afterward should be straightforward with no burnt-on bits of food clinging to the surface of your pan.

What’s included?

You receive the 5-quart aluminum pan with tempered glass lid. Overall, the product dimensions are 6.13” x 13.13” x 10.25,” and there are cool comfort grip handles for your convenience, allowing you to transport your meal directly from the stovetop or oven to the table, ready to be served up.

Who is this product for?

We think that this is the perfect entry level Dutch oven and a great introduction to newbies to this versatile style of cooking. It’s inexpensive yet full of the functions you might expect to see in a much more expensive model, which makes this range great for families on a budget, students leaving home, or novices to cooking looking to get to grips with the product that won’t break the bank.

Overview of the features:

  • The affordability factor is undeniable. If you are a student just starting out on your own cooking journey having recently left the family home, someone who’s never used a Dutch oven before, or just on a reduced budget, then Cuisinart is a reliable and dependable option.
  • The versatility is to be applauded. The 6445-22 can be used for just about anything. You can use it directly inside your oven with temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, on the stovetop, under a broiler, and even in your freezer too.
  • You can make a wide range of favorite family meals with everything from a casserole to a fresh soup, a stew or a one-pot hot meal, along with delicious desserts and baked goods too.
  • It is comfortable and secure to operate and has a good, safe grip. The Cuisinart features handles that have been designed to stay cool and to fit securely and snuggly in your hand.
Cuisinart 6445-22 Contour Hard Anodized 5-Quart Dutch Oven with Cover
  • Unsurpassed heat distribution - hard anodized aluminum core construction heats quickly and spreads heat evenly; eliminates hot spots
  • Premium non-stick interior - reinforced nonstick cooking surface for healthier cooking, lasting food release and easy cleaning
  • Steady handling - maintain a solid grip with the always cool, always secure stick handles, professionally riveted and contoured to your hand for extra comfort
  • Convenient Tempered Glass Covers - Sleek, flat glass lids with stainless rims seal in moisture and flavor; Glass is tempered for durability to ensure lasting performance
  • Ultimate cooking versatility - use on the stovetop, in the oven, or under the broiler; oven safe up to 500-degree f and freezer safe for easy food storage; tapered rims keep pouring drip-free and easy


If the price is still a key consideration, then Lodge is also a brand well worth a further look. Like Cuisinart, they have an excellent reputation for producing high quality, but cost-effective cookware, and their L8DD3 cast iron 5-quart Dutch oven really does a great job. With its domed style cover, it is perfect for preparing a Sunday roast and the lid also very conveniently converts into a skillet for even more cooking versatility.


We think that the Cuisinart 6445-22 makes the perfect entry-level Dutch oven for anyone who is a novice or is on a self-imposed budget. It’s versatile and affordable but has all the main features you should be looking for in your cookware. The cover locks and seals in moisture, it’s easy to clean and maintain, and it works on your stove top as well as in your oven.

One of the main disadvantages of this range, although it is something that you can certainly overcome, it that it conducts heat quickly so if you don’t keep a careful eye on the temperature you could find that your food burns. The best thing is just to experiment with your heat settings to find out what works best for the kinds of recipes you are regularly preparing.

The chances are that you will love Dutch oven style cooking so much that you will pretty quickly be investing in a more expensive range to fuel your love of creating fresh, nutritious casseroles and pot roasts. The Cuisinart will most certainly fire up that creativity and passion for cooking this way.


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