Can You Use a Dutch Oven on the stove?

Can You Use a Dutch Oven on the stove
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If you’ve not yet purchased a Dutch oven and are still having some reservations about whether it will work out to be a wise, long-term investment for you, then it’s time to cast away your fears and doubts.

A Dutch Oven is a supremely versatile piece of cookware that will reward you daily, quickly becoming one of your favorite cooking vessels to work with. This heavy-duty, thick-walled pot which is traditionally made from cast iron or with a ceramic coating is the workhorse in your kitchen – super sturdy, reliable, durable and dependable.

It can also be used in a multitude of different ways to create all kinds of home-cooked and fully flavorful family meals. If you are wondering whether you can use a Dutch oven on the stove, then we are delighted to announce that absolutely, yes you can – on your stove top and so much more!

What Kind of Heat Sources Will It Work On?

This is an excellent question as you may not remember lesson you had back in school about heat conduction. The great news is that if you have an enameled cast iron Dutch oven, you can use it on all kinds of different stovetops whether they are electric, gas or even induction.

What’s more, you can also use them directly in your oven and over your grill too, whether you are working with coals or wood. Indeed, the Dutch oven really is that versatile. Cast iron is superb at retaining heat and further distributing that heat evenly which is why cooking in a Dutch oven is so popular.

You can be assured of perfect results every time, and if you just pop the lid on your Dutch oven and leave it either on the stovetop or your tabletop, you can go back for second helpings safe in the knowledge that your food will still be warm with no re-heating necessary.

How Can You Use Your Dutch Oven?

Let’s talk specifically about the stove top for a minute and the kinds of things that you can do with your Dutch oven on top of your traditional oven stove. Boiling food or water couldn’t be simpler or more straightforward. Merely place your liquids and any other contents inside the vessel, pop on the tightly sealed lid and allow to simmer away on your stovetop until fully prepared.

If you have bought one of the more modern Dutch ovens with a glass lid, you will be able to keep a watchful eye on the progress of your contents. Otherwise, just take a peek every once in a while to ensure that your soup, stew or chili is bubbling along nicely.

Remember though that a Dutch oven, depending on which size you have purchased, could be quite heavy, especially when full of liquid, so take care not to overfill and exercise cautioning when removing it from your stovetop and transferring directly to your tabletop to serve your hungry guests.  That’s just one other reason why we love the Dutch oven so much. You genuinely get the entire stovetop to tabletop experience with no need for any additional equipment or processes in between.

Griddle, Fry and Prepare a Full Family Breakfast On Your Stovetop

How about using your Dutch oven like a griddle or skillet and using it on your stovetop to quickly fry up a delicious breakfast of eggs, sausage, and bacon? There’s no need to pull out the frying pans as you can literally prepare and fry everything in your Dutch oven, including your family’s favorite homemade pancakes too, making life so much easier for you and the cleaning up afterward effortless.

Just the one easy to clean Dutch oven but a fully prepared delicious breakfast served up for all the family to enjoy. Again here we exercise a word of caution. Using your Dutch oven might just become addictive so save the full fry up for special occasions only and don’t be blaming your Dutch oven if you slowly start to gain some pounds.

There really is nothing that you can’t do with your Dutch oven; you just need your imagination, or those secret family recipes handed down through the generations, some fresh ingredients, and your stovetop. So simple and so easy you really will wonder how you ever managed in the kitchen without yours.

Prepare Your Family Favorite Roast Joints of Meat

Another stovetop favorite recipe that you will no doubt find yourself preparing time and time again is a roasted joint. Your Dutch oven, simply used on top of your stove, is excellent for roasting large cuts of meat and joints. The reason being that because Dutch oven’s retain heat so well and distribute that heat thoroughly and evenly, they create the optimum internal temperature and conditions for preparing the most succulent and tender cuts of meat.

Start your roast off on top of your stove and brown it to create a vibrant and intense flavor. Then add any other vegetables or even some stock and just transfer into your conventional oven for an hour or two to bake. There are so many recipes that are quick and easy to execute which all start out on top of your stove this way.

Let’s Re-cap on Stovetop Use of Your Dutch Oven

If you have a cast iron Dutch oven with short legs, then you won’t be able to use this type on your indoors stovetop, especially one that is made of a flat surface like glass. These versions of the Dutch oven have explicitly been manufactured and designed for use over hot coals so lend themselves better to campfire cooking.

However, you can safely use your cast iron or enameled Dutch oven on all stovetop surfaces including gas, electric, conduction, and glass. If you do have a glass surface though, we recommend that you invest in an enamel coated one as this is less likely to scratch your glass stovetop, rather than the traditional heavy cast iron type that may cause some surface damage.

Stovetop cooking and Dutch ovens absolutely meant to go together. With a stove, a Dutch oven and your imagination you can become a culinary expert and wow your family and friends with your versatile repertoire of home cooked meals, all lovingly created in your Dutch oven.

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