Best Size Dutch Ovens for Home Cooked Meals

Best Size Dutch Ovens for Home Cooked Meals
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People who are likely to cook fantastic food at home are accustomed to Dutch ovens because they not only give you the ability to achieve the ideal flavor with your meals but to prepare them quickly and easily as well. If you’re in the market for a new addition to your arsenal of pots, finding the best size Dutch oven is essential.

Below are three of the best pots that you can find, including their benefits, disadvantages, and their amazing features.

Best Size Dutch Ovens Reviews

1. Victoria DUT-304

The Victoria DUT-304 is designed to make cooking a wide variety of meals easier as it has plenty of user-friendly features that are meant to keep meats moist and to ensure that you don’t overcook broths or a roux. Ideal for the everyday home cook, this pot has a lot of great things to offer.

Victoria DUT-304 Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Lid & Dual Handles, 100% NON-GMO Flaxseed Oil Seasoning, Medium/4 quart, Black


The best features of the Victoria DUT-304 include:

  • Perfect for family meals: The four-quart design of the Victoria DUT-304 is ideal for cooking a wide variety of great family meals ranging from chili to Cornish hens.
  • Tight-fitting lid: In order to make sure that every meal has the perfect amount of moisture, you’re going to need a Dutch oven with a tight-fitting lid, and this model has one. With the integrated spikes, the lid will seal itself to the base of the pot.
  • Self-basting lid: Apart from the fact that the lid fits tightly, it also promotes a self-basting cycle that helps to make sure that whatever you are cooking has the most amount of flavor without drying out.
  • Pre-seasoned: Instead of spending time seasoning your new Dutch oven, the Victoria DUT-304 comes pre-seasoned with non-GMO flaxseed oil that is easily released yet works better the more you use the pot.
  • Ergonomic handles: You’ll no longer have to worry about possibly dropping your pot or getting hand cramps while carrying it from one end of the kitchen to the other with the help of the large and ergonomic handles.
Victoria DUT-304 Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Lid & Dual Handles, 100% NON-GMO Flaxseed Oil Seasoning, Medium/4 quart, Black
  • Tight-fitting lid locks in moisture. Spikes under the lid create a natural self-basting cycle
  • Stainless steel knob is oven-safe. Larger & ergonomic handles are easier to carry, even with pot holders
  • Seasoned at high temperatures using 100% non-GMO flaxseed oil for a natural easy-release seasoning that gets even better with time. Usable in all kitchens: gas, electric, induction, oven, campfire, grill etc.
  • High quality sand casting for durability and excellent heat retention. Lifetime warranty. Made in Colombia
  • Perfect for slow-cooking, roast meats, rice, pasta, soups, stews, veggies, and more


  • Can be used in the oven or on smooth-top stoves
  • Handles are perfectly sized for pot holders
  • Keeps moisture inside of the pot


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Relatively hefty at 11 pounds


2. Vesuvio Nonstick Dutch Oven

The Vesuvio Nonstick Dutch Oven has plenty of great things to bring to your kitchen, especially when it comes to its overall design. You’ll immediately notice that it’s different than most Dutch ovens on the market, as it has a glass lid. If you’re hunting for a pot that is going to give you the safest cooking experience possible and still deliver high-quality tasting meals, this is one of the best size Dutch ovens on the market.

Vesuvio 8 Quart Nonstick Dutch Oven :: Nontoxic Ceramic Coated Stock Pot with Oven Safe Glass Lid


Some of the most interesting features of the Vesuvio Nonstick Dutch Oven include:

  • Nontoxic ceramic coating: The coating on the inside of this Dutch oven is entirely nontoxic right out of the box because it does not have any lead, cadmium, PFOA, or PTFE on its interior ceramic coating.
  • Highly heat-resistant: The Vesuvio Nonstick Dutch Oven is designed with a three-millimeter-thick base which helps make the pot more heat resistant than others on the market, and it can withstand temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Dishwasher safe: In comparison to other Dutch ovens that you can find, this particular model can be easily washed in the dishwasher, helping you to save time after you’re finished cooking.
  • Tough ceramic coating: With the help of the nonstick interior, you’ll not only find that you’ll be able to use less oil in your recipes, but it will also resist liquids and scratches, keeping your Dutch oven in its best condition over the years.
Vesuvio 8 Quart Nonstick Dutch Oven :: Nontoxic Ceramic Coated Stock Pot with Oven Safe Glass Lid
  • Safer for Your Family: Most nonstick cookware contains deadly carcinogens that can flake off into your food. But our ceramic-coated Dutch oven is 100% nontoxic - no PTFE, PFOA, lead, or cadmium.
  • Rugged & Heat-Resistant: Thanks to its thick, 3.7mm aluminum base, this durable 8-quart stock pot heats food quickly & evenly... withstands oven temps up to 450 F. Oven- & dishwasher-safe.
  • Nonstick So You Use Less Oil: Made from real volcanic minerals, our extra-hard ceramic coating resists scratches & repels liquids. Food won't stick, so you cook with less oil & enjoy easier cleanup.
  • Lightweight & Beautiful: Forget those heavy, ugly cast-iron pots. Your elegant Vesuvio Dutch oven holds 8 full quarts yet weighs only 5.7 lbs. Made in Italy, home of fine craftsmanship.
  • 1-Year Warranty: From its glass-hard coating to its cool-touch handle & oven-safe lid, your Dutch oven is built to last. But if you have problems within the 1st year, return it for a full refund.


  • The entire pot (including the lid) is oven-safe.
  • Easy to clean with little effort
  • Silicone edging on the lid seals tightly


  • Handle on the lid may come loose
  • Water will be stuck under the handle


3. Circulon Genesis Dutch Oven

All three Dutch ovens on this list have their benefits, and the Circulon Genesis is no different as it has a far more modern appeal compared to other Dutch ovens. Constructed entirely out of stainless steel, you’ll not only have a pot that looks phenomenal when stored but one that functions as well as you would expect.

Circulon Genesis Stainless Steel Nonstick 5-Quart Covered Dutch Oven


A few of the best features of the Circulon Genesis include:

  • Plenty of cooking space: In comparison to plenty of other Dutch ovens, the Circulon Genesis offers a sufficient amount of cooking space at five quarts. It’s not too big to fit inside of your oven, but it’s also not too small to where you can’t achieve a full meal for your family.
  • Impact-bonded aluminum base: One of the most useful features of this Dutch oven is its base, which is constructed out of impact-bonded aluminum and is designed to help the pot heat evenly and to work on all types of cooktops.
  • Total-release food system: Another feature that you’re sure to use to your advantage is the total-release food system that makes cleanup even easier with the help of the DuPont Autograph on raised circles within the dutch oven.
  • Reinforced handles: For an added touch, both of the handles on the sides of the Circulon Genesis are reinforced with double rivets, and you’ll also appreciate how the glass lid is 100% shatter-resistant.
  • High-heat resistance: You’ll easily be able to cook meals at up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit with this particular Dutch oven.

Circulon Genesis Stainless Steel Nonstick 5-Quart Covered Dutch Oven
  • 5-Quart covered Dutch oven
  • Impact-bonded induction-suitable aluminum base heats evenly and works on all stovetops; Stainless Steel exteriors provide oven-to-table versatility and easy cleanup
  • Total food release system features PFOA-free metal utensil safe premium nonstick on raised circles for superior cooking release and effortless cleanup
  • The nonstick Dutch oven's Stainless Steel handles are solidly double riveted for strength; the shatter-resistant glass lid locks in heat and moisture
  • This Dutch oven is oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit as well as dishwasher safe


  • Induction-ready design
  • Can use metal utensils without scratches
  • Great food release on the sides
  • Retains heat after being removed from oven or stove


  • Handles will get hot while cooking
  • Food release ridges are difficult to clean



You can guarantee that there are hundreds of Dutch ovens that you can get your hands on, but these three are some of the best models you can find. When it comes to choosing the best size Dutch oven, we’d surely recommend the Vesuvio Nonstick Dutch Oven as it offers eight quarts in total compared to others that typically range from four to six quarts.

Not only does the Vesuvio Nonstick Dutch Oven have a sufficient amount of space for cooking anything from soup to a whole chicken, but it is also made of safe, nonstick materials that are free from chemicals. Also, it’s safe to use at temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than enough for most meals.

Above all else, we love the coating constructed out of volcanic materials that helps to resist scratches from plenty of different types of utensils and liquids, making the Vesuvio Nonstick Dutch Oven substantially more manageable to keep clean.

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